Leaving your computer unlocked invites anyone to come along and snoop. If your laptop is stolen or lost, it could also land you in an awful spot.

Lock yours with a robust and unique password. That means no repeats! Since you need to enter this password each time you open your computer, it needs to be something you can remember.

If your computer allows you to unlock it with biometrics, like your fingerprint, that’s an even easier solution. Otherwise, use the same password guidelines for any online accounts:

• Use a combination of letters, special characters, numbers, and capital letters.

• Aim for at least 12 characters.

• Consider creating a passphrase instead of a password. These are longer, harder to crack, and easier to remember. 

Lock your Windows PC:

• Go to Start > Settings > Accounts.

• Click Sign-in options from the left pane.

• Click Add under the Password section.

• Enter a new password. Click Next, then Finish.

Lock your Mac

When setting up a Mac, you’re prompted to create a login password. Here’s how to set your password to unlock your computer:

• Click the Apple icon, then System Preferences.

• Click Security and Privacy.

• Check the Require password box in the General tab.

• Set the timing of the password to immediately to set your Mac to lock when it goes into sleep or screensaver mode automatically.