The vast majority of Spotify listening may come through mobile apps, but the streamer’s latest move indicates it has no plans to pivot away from desktop listeners. Spotify has announced what it is calling “one of the biggest revamps yet” of its desktop experience with big updates to the Your Library and Now Playing views that will make it more like using Spotify on a phone.

“We’re keeping the main content area unchanged, so it will still be your central hub to browse, discover, and find recommended songs and podcasts. But you’ll also find a few new additions to help align our Desktop experience with the mobile app,” the company says in an update to users. “

Spotify says it will make the Your Library content an anchor of the left-hand side of the desktop app window, making it easier for users to quickly access saved podcasts and music. Based on beta testing, Spotify says the move has had positive feedback from users who say it saves them time and allows them to switch between playlists more easily.

Users will have the option to personalize the look of their library, including the size of the icons and whether they see an expanded view of the information. It says the move allows users to toggle through their dedicated podcast, music and audio book feeds while also making it easier to find their saved playlists.

On the right-hand side of the app, users will now find the Now Playing view, which displays the current podcast or song that they are listening to. The right side will also list added details, such as merchandise or tour dates.

In another update, Spotify is bringing some of the same audio tools that it has used for creators to Roblox. Last year it created Spotify Island on the social gaming platform as an interactive meeting place to bring artists and fans together.

With new audio tools, minigames, and collectibles, it is now inviting fans to become creators, offering them fresh ways to bring their own beats and sounds to life.

That includes Spotify Soundsphere that gives users access to interactive beatmakers, instruments, and equipment. They will be added during the next few months.