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Adam and Josh were back at it again for yet another episode of Late Night Parents. Monday’s just seem to be that much more fun with the guys doing their late night thing! If you missed the live showing you don’t have to wait until next Monday, just watch it now!

Before you check out the latest show we should tell you a little about it though. The guys like to cover safety recalls when they can so on this episode they went over two of the latest recalls on the CPSC website.

1. Radio Flyer Scoot N Zoom Recall

2. Toy Keys with Remote

Adam shared with everyone the huge birthday bash his son Marc had for his 3rd Birthday. At one point Adam even brought a life sized Elmo on screen to join in the fun. You’ve got to see this one! Josh on the other hand spoke about the little more tame but no less fun party he was planning for his son Jake’s 2nd birthday coming up. Children’s birthdays are such a hot topic these days and it’s interesting to see where Josh and Adam fall on the line of “too much” or “not enough” for their children’s parties. What are your thoughts?

Another relevant topic is “Back to School”. Well it’s not quite back to school for the Late Night Parents kids. All of the kids will be going to pre-school for the first time ever. Josh and Adam discussed the planning and selection process for schools as well as their thoughts and feelings of their babies “growing up”.

Come join in on the fun and weigh in on what your thoughts are as we bring you the latest episode!