Detroit: Great time to be a fan!

In the age of doom and gloom – there’s a city that’s deserving and is basking in its glory.  The Motor City, it’s dwindling population and vivid memories of the TARP funds to make its auto industry solvent again.  The state’s unemployment (11%) is at a higher rate than the national average. The economic downturn decimated the downtown business district.  It’s overdue for the ultimate underdog to have something positive to talk about.

Barry Sanders will narrate the Monday Night Football preview segment intro for the Lions-Bears game at Ford Field.    The Detroit Lions were known as the NFL’s perennial laughing stock of a franchise.  Currently, the Lions sport a 4-0 record and it’s the first time they are scheduled to appear in a Monday Night game since 2001.  Need I say starters Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson and Ndamunong Suh are the future? The future is NOW! Here’s a trip down memory lane.

The Detroit Tigers stared down the NY Yankees and delivered a knock-out blow to CC Sabathia twice in a week.  Justin Verlander is not only this year’s CY Young, but could possibly win A.L. MVP honors.  Papa Grande “Jose Valverde” predicted the Tigers would defeat the Yankees during this series and came out to retire the side “and A-ROD” without incident in the ninth inning.  Done Deal – Series Win at Yankee Stadium.  Next Up – the Texas Rangers.

The Detroit Red Wings might be slightly older, but the veteran leadership will lead them to the playoffs and contend for the Stanley Cup.  With Brian Rafalski retiring – look for a combo of free agents and youth movement to erase any of Hockeytown’s concerns.  Thank Goodness for the NHL and opening night!

The NBA lockout might not be a bad situation (can’t believe I said that) for the Detroit Pistons.  A recent change in ownership and Team President Joe Dumars really needs to get his act together – in a hurry.  In the last few years, Pres. Dumars has made several questionable personnel moves that have increase its salary cap with players with redundant roles.  Overpaying for their free-agents, getting rid of Chauncey Billips and keeping Rip Hamilton was a huge mistake.  Ben Wallace has clearly seen his best days.  Pres. Dumars, your fan base no longer wants to see your Isiah Thomas impersonation.  It took Donnie Walsh and the NY Knicks years to clear the cap and rid themselves of Isiah’s reign of terror.

Detroit fans and Mitch Albom – soak it up and enjoy it.  Hope for a Hangover.


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