South Florida All Star Classic

Thanks to the NBA Lockout – On Saturday night, South Beach will receive a one-night only treat.  The “South Florida All-Star Classic” will showcase Team LeBron against Team Wade at Florida International University.  Yes, it’s the same FIU that’s coached by Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas.  So, here’s the lowdown – over 5,000 tickets were sold out in less than 2 hours.  Court side seats were going for $1,000.  Here’s what you need to know about tonight’s game.  Proceeds will go to selected charities and supporting the FIU First Generation Scholarship Fund. 

The game will be streamed live starting at 730PM on

Question: What if a player is hurt during one of these pickup games?  Answer:  As long as the player is playing for the “love of the game” and therefore not for personal gain, such as signing overseas, then the player’s NBA contract is protected, which is why these exhibitions are set up as charity events. Lockout or not, a player can be injured at any time in the off-season.  An an NBA fan, we should hope this is the final exhibition game and both sides will come to an agreement and get this season in motion.

Lockout Update: The Nov 1st start date is in jeopardy, both sides are deadlocked on how to split the annual 4BIL in basketball–related income generated by league.  The NBA player association is asking for a 50/50 split on revenue.  Talks have also included a proposed new “Carmelo Rule” and a “hard” salary cap.  David Stern is expected to provide an update within the next 72 hours as both sides will shake hands or cancel its first two weeks of the regular season.


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