Apple¬†announced¬†Tuesday that it will discontinue production of its iconic iPod Touch device, with the remaining stock only available “while supplies last.” For many, the iPod touch specifically was an entryway to Apple’s wider ecosystem.

The iPod debuted in 2001, and it changed everything. The massive iPod Classic and its iconic clickwheel gave way to smaller models, like the iPod Shuffle and Nano, and then iPod touch, the first iPod with a touchscreen.

While other devices existed that let you carry around your MP3 collection, the iPod quickly became ubiquitous for the ease with which you could buy songs and add them to the device.

But although it was once innovative to be able to listen to music on a dedicated portable device, now that smartphones and music streaming services exist, the need for an iPod is no more, and the iPod Touch’s death was inevitable.

The Classic was discontinued in 2014, while the Shuffle and Nano models were put to rest in 2017.

If you are feeling nostalgic for the old days of the iPod, you can still get one on Apple’s website. Or you can scroll the likes of eBay and Craigslist, where ample amounts of the iPod Classics and Touches are still for sale.