Why Some Play the “Class Clown”

The teacher just told you that your child’s been acting up in school and playing the class clown. You’re not totally surprised. You’ve noticed similar behavior at home, especially when other people are around. So, what’s this behavior about,... Read More

She needs to control her child!

It’s been years since I heard those words while chasing after my child in the supermarket. But they’re still painful. I remember bringing my son with ADHD to the store when he was very young. Each time, I told him to stay with me and the... Read More

“Is ADHD Real?” How I Respond When People Doubt ADHD – @UnderstoodOrg

There’s no question that ADHD is a real, biological condition. Research has shown brain differences in people who have ADHD (sometimes called ADD) compared to those who don’t have it. But despite the data, some people still wonder: Is ADHD... Read More

Fast Facts about ADHD

Looking for fast facts on ADHD (also known as ADD)? Use this one-page ADHD fact sheet to get essential information about this common condition. You can read the fact sheet below. Or you can print it out and give it to teachers, family members and... Read More

“I’m Tired of Having ADHD”: A Son’s Surprise Confession

When my son was diagnosed with ADHD at age 6, I was almost relieved. It confirmed what my husband and I had suspected all along, and pushed us to finally address his issues. My son had the opposite reaction when I told him. He burst into tears and... Read More

Campus stimulant abuse: Paying for perfect grades with pills

By Joy Stephenson-Laws, founder of Proactive Health Labs (pH) and her medical team Parents are expressing growing shock over the frequency of drug use on American college campuses. And we are not talking about illegal drugs, but legal, prescription... Read More

Is your kid a sugar-monster?

How can your sweetie be a sugar-monster?   Ask yourself these questions: Will they only drink milk if it is chocolate? Do they scream or throw a tantrum when you say “no” to sweets or soda? They will only eat sweet things for... Read More

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) could be the cause of the case

Defense attorneys across the nation have begun to consider the role that Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) may have played in their clients’ actions. ADHD is a medical condition that causes impulsive, unpredictable and sometimes... Read More