Welcome to our mid-year Apple rumor roundup, popping up just in time for the company’s annual September product announcement.

Because rumors have an odd tendency to be true around these parts, treat this article as a look at possible things to come. But none of these tidbits have been confirmed by Apple. So take everything listed below with a pinch of salt.

With that out the way, have at our rolling rumor roundup for Apple’s upcoming iPhone models below.

Buh-bye Lightning, hello USB-Type C (12 June)

Apple might actually be ditching its Lightning ports in favor of USB-C on its 2019 iPhones, this according to Digitimes.

The switch is set to happen in two years time according to the publication’s sources, suggesting that Apple’s also now redesigning its chargers and charging interfaces.

For users who have struggled with purchasing bespoke Apple charging cables, this should come as welcome news. Additionally, if Apple decides to adopt the USB-C standard, it would increase the number of supported Type-C devices in the global supply chain.

It’s not a totally farfetched idea for the Cupertino giant either. Apple has added USB-C ports to its MacBook lineup, while Digitimes’ source also notes that the tweak will affect 2019 iPads as well.